Yule Free Ship To Worldwide Rug Wool-Viscose


Overall, this handmade, hand-knotted rug combines a blend of wool and viscose in a stunning blue color. It features cotton fringe and offers exceptional craftsmanship with 279,000 knots per square meter. Its size of 2.70 meters by 1.80 meters makes it suitable for various living spaces, adding elegance and style to any room.



The rug is a beautiful blue color with a size of 2.70 meters by 1.80 meters. It is meticulously crafted using traditional techniques, making it a handmade and hand-knotted piece. The pile of the rug is made from a blend of wool and viscose, providing a luxurious and soft texture.

In terms of manufacturing, every aspect of the rug is carefully attended to. The warp, which forms the foundation of the rug, is also handmade and hand-knotted using cotton material. This ensures durability and strength.

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