Wool luxury living room rugs


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new zealand wool luxury living room office floor wilton wool carpet

Product Description

The fiber diameter of New Zealand wool is mostly between 31-40 microns, and the fiber length is between 100-300 mm. It has good strength, uniform quality, white color, and no black fiber. It can dye all colors in the spectrum. These characteristics make New Zealand wool has become the ideal raw material for the most carpet production. The carpet feels light and silky, and the delicate details show the quality. Hand-made three-dimensional carvings, mellow and full, with distinct layers. Exquisite craftsmanship outlines the pursuit of high-quality life details.Factory direct sales, various sizes can be customized.

Product Features

*Material Type
*Place of Product
Heilongjiang Province,China
*Bottom material
Jute vine weaving
*Clean type
Vacuum, machine wash

Detailed Images

The carpet is up to 18mm thick, as if you were stepping on cotton.1000 latitude high density 100% New Zealand wool, not easy to age and fade.It is handcrafted with fine edge wrapping, multiple stitching with fine edges and corners, durable without pushing the thread.The golden silk part will bloom with a very dazzling luster in the sun. Compared with carpets made of pure wool, it is more decorative, more atmospheric, and can highlight the taste of home. Countless customers personally test the approval,The picture is taken by the customer. Due to the light, mobile phone and other reasons, the color of the carpet maybe changed. The specific color is subject to the kind received. Real material,great factory quality assurance.

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