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design decorative contemporary fashion area rugs for living room
Product Description
The entire color system adopts the Morandi color system, adding a certain proportion of gray to the color, increasing the texture of the color, pursuing a static harmony and beauty, which fully reflects the high sense of design. It is more suitable for matching with the home space. Whether it is red clay or lime. Or light lake blue, golden silk yellow, etc. are very suitable for the pursuit of the current home improvement style. Three low-key and seven light luxurious interior atmosphere. The non-disclosure is just overall and mutual restraint. Cancel each other out. Let the vision reach the perfect balance. Peaceful and self-control, gentle and elegant, and sometimes a slightly calm feeling, so that the colors in the space are scattered and harmonious.
Product Features
Light luxury series
*Material Type
*Modes of packing
Packed in woven bag
Wilton machine made
*Delivery Time
25-35 days upon the deposit, please double check, when or ordering
Detailed Images
Wilton weaving technology, takes quality to a new level, don’t worry about breaking, maybe stronger than the floor. Carpet through safety detection, no formaldehyde, can rest assured to play. The velvet edge is strong and durable.Stick to the ground, not wrinkle, not warped edge.
Multiple quality inspection, strict control.From procurement to intelligent monitoring layer upon layer, environmental protection and durable.
The bottom is woven with cotton and linen without glue. The product is environmentally friendly and odorless with good anti-skid performance.
The thickness of the carpet is 12mm, and the feet feel comfortable, creating a more comfortable home environment for you.
The product has almost zero formaldehyde and can be used for pregnant women and children’s day.Safety and environmental protection.
If you need other colors and styles, you can also contact us. We have a professional design and development team, so we can provide ODM and OEM services, depending on your needs. Looking forward to more cooperation with you!

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