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nordic modern luxury living room factory price carpet for bedroom

Product Description

The essence of the minimalist style of the light luxury series of carpets is to simplify the design elements, colors, lighting,raw materials, etc. to the minimum, and to meet people’s perceptual, instinctive and rational needs for the space environment in a simple form. The overall line is simple and smooth, and the color contrast is strong, which can give people a sense of avant-garde and boldness. The two are both opposed and harmonious, contradictory and unified, forming a sharp contrast in a strong contrast,
achieving the effect of complementarity and satisfaction.

Factory direct sales, good prices. Other sizes and patterns can be customized to meet customer needs as much as possible.

Product Features

Light luxury series
*Material Type
*Modes of packing
Packed in woven bag
Wilton machine made
*Delivery Time
25-35 days upon the deposit, please double check, when or ordering

Detailed Images

The surface material of the carpet is made of polypropylene with a delicate touch. The loom imported from Germany produces high-quality quality control, high-quality yarns, Wilton 400 * 760 high warp knitting and weft knitting, 310,000 stitches per square meter, encryption and soft feel. The color is soft and the surface of the carpet is smooth and delicate.It is very convenient to clean with a vacuum cleaner and a brush. The machine can weave hair evenly, can be washed with water, and will not
shed hair or fade. There are two needles around the high-strength yarn, which is firm and wear-resistant. The overall thickness is about 12mm, and the carpet has a firm structure and is not easy to fall off. The back of the jute blanket can be folded at will without damaging the floor, effectively preventing slippage, moisture and mites, and has no peculiar smell. It can be used by babies and pregnant women.

For products of the same quality, our factory also produces many other colors and patterns. If you have any requirements, you can also contact us to send you our factory’s product catalog, and look forward to cooperating with you.

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