Design soft anti slip soho sofa

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Design soft anti slip soho sofa multiple sizes big 3d livingroom carpet

Product Description

Meijia Series Collection

Wilton weaving technology, takes quality to a new level, don’t worry about breaking, maybe stronger than the
floor.Three-dimensional carving is a consummate skill of Chinese carpet, after setting the outline of the main pattern, and the pattern around the film into a slope, so that the pattern protruding in cutting flowers.

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Product Features

*Wash type
Machine Wash
*Modes of packing
Packed in woven bag
*Raw material
*Place of Product
Heilongjiang Province,China

Selected materials, soft fabrics, strong skin touch, good elasticity, comfortable feet, no stimulation to the skin, safe and
environmental protection.The carpet woven by Wilton machine has compact structure, good appearance and stable elasticity, which is the guarantee of making high-quality carpet.

The carpet thickness is about 15mm,fine and soft,more comfortable for the feet.Suede full, elastic, long-term tread will not sag,no mark, carpet dense.
Good products are not afraid of comparison,real material、Great factory quality assurance. Carpet through safety detection, no formaldehyde, can rest assured to play.

Hand hemming, multiple stitching.Adopt the rigorous cotton thread manual edge locking technology, multiple stitching, the edge locking is firm and the work is rigorous and orderly, to ensure that the thread will not break and crack.The velvet edge is strong and durable,stick to the ground, not wrinkle, not warped edge.
Hand cut flowers in three dimensions, Meijia series carpets,make the carpet of your dreams.


Mr. Sasaki is a trading company CEO, and only sell high quality wool carpets. He operated the company over 50 years, and we met him in the Domotex Shanghai Trading show, and he liked our products the most. With several round conversations through email and Skype, he decided to visit our factory after all. During the time of his visit, he said he will take our best wool collections and being the exclusive trader in Hokkaido area. After he reviewed the samples that we produced for him in August 2019, he place a large order with us for next few years.

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300cm*400cm, 160cm*230cm


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