Living Room Rug

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Product Description
Produce name: Wilton Machine Made Carpet
Material: 100%PP ←Cliecking to inquiry the best price
Size: 160*230cm/200*290cm/240*340cm/300*400cm
Backing: not slip woven backing
Total thickness: 9-10mm
Total weight: 2.3kg/SQM
Pattern: Custmized or Choose from our Catalog
Payment term 100%T/T in advance,arrange delivery within 5 working days after received payment
Packing way: Rolls with PP bag
Carpet ready time: About 2-5 working days after payment
Noted! Different lot have little difference in size and colors


Product Details for witon carpet in stock ↑↑↑


The design you can choose ,if you need more design which ready to ship in stock that please inquiry us .↓↓↓


 If have want more design that make an inquiry to us for asking


As our carpet with PP wilton material which ready to ship with low price .

Also have luxury handmade carpet with wool /acrylic/viscose material carpet

—which can custom your design .







 If have any questions that make an inquiry to us for asking

Additional information


300*400cm, 80*150cm, 200*290cm, 160*230cm


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